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M.S in University of Nebraska Lincoln
M.S. in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication
Electronic Engineering
B.S from Hefei University of Technology
Electronic Engineering


Mr Xia focus on advanced level computer science traning. He believes education is more like showing students the way to achieve, and let students explore the way by themselves. However the teacher should provide help when students have road blockers. As for format of teaching, he believe in giving Inquiry-based instruction and explain differentiation between concept that looks similar, thus helping student building their own house of knowledge in their brain

Teacher Xia


EDUBUS 致力于提升  2-17 岁青少年儿童的各学科综合应用能力和科学素养,汇聚全美最优秀的师资以及服务团队,为每一个学员定制专属学习成长计划。马上报名即刻获得价值  $100 教育试听大礼包!

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